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Friday, 13 June 2014
[Softwrae]3DVIA Studio Pro V6R2013x HF4 (x86/x64) Multilingual Free Download

[Softwrae]3DVIA Studio Pro V6R2013x HF4 (x86/x64) Multilingual Free Download
Creating interactive applications platform 3D 3DVIA Studio Pro allows you to create and distribute exciting experience immersive 3D interaction (3DEXPERIENCES) With efficiency. Opportunities 3DVIA Studio Pro. 3DVIA Studio Pro - A platform for the development of integrated content, based on over 15 years of experience in Dassault Systèmes create immersive 3D applications running in real time. This solution provides companies with tools for users and professional support necessary for the rapid development of interactive applications (eg for virtual training), which can then be incorporated in a secure environment. Year / Issue Date: 2014 Version: V6R2013x (build 2.15.506) Developer: Dassault Systemes Developer website: Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit Language: Multilingual (Russian present) Medicine: Present (Team-SolidSQUAD) System requirements: Windows
Thursday, 14 November 2013
Key SEO Factors in Web Design

Key SEO Factors in Web Design

Key SEO Factors in Web Design :

Key words and key phrases are simply words that accurately describe your business in
very specific terms. The secret of keyword success is avoiding general terms that
describe just about any business. For example, in my business stating "Expect
professional services when contacting us" could just as well be talking about home
construction, banking services, or brain surgery.  

By inserting "web design" and stating "Expect professional web design services when
contacting us" the text content is very specific for people and search engines to
understand exactly what I offer.

Keywords are used in two ways: 1) in the META which is hidden in the HTML and
accessed by search engines to understand the theme of each web page, and 2) in the
actual text content of headings and paragraphs that display on your page for visitors to
view.  Here is the list of key SEO factors in web design that you can control, and brief
examples or explanations using my main site home page for reference.  You MUST use
your keywords in each of these to maximize the SEO value.

META Title Tag (70 characters, or less) 

Small Business Web Design Services (summarizes the essence of what I do) 
This is the MOST important SEO factor on every page.  It needs to be different for each,
and relative to that individual page with top key words near the beginning.  This is not
the place for your company name unless you are extremely well known.


META Description Tag (155 characters, or less) 

Custom web design services of small business websites including CMS is my primary
business plus matching graphics. (A complete sentence with key words near the
beginning) This description is often used by Google as the introduction as listed in their
search results.  

META Keywords Tag (200 characters, or less)

web design, small business, website, blog, cms, website design, blogger, custom web
design, graphic art, small business website, search engine optimization, seo
The preceding META code may be viewed while visiting any website page and a
screenshot from my home page is inserted in the ARTICLES version of this podcast. 
Right click on a blank area of any web page and then select "View Source" to see the
actual code used to create that page.  The META will be near the top if used by that

 Screenshot of META from my home page (smaller than actual size with the Title highlighted):

Heading and Subheading (Headline) H Tags :

Example H1: Small Business Web Design Services Introduction (only ONE H1 headline
per page)

Example H2: Quick Links to the Most Popular Design Services (use H2 or smaller H3
tags, also)

The H tags are like newspaper headlines with the H1 being of higher importance, then
H2, and then H3 tags which should be used as subheadings relative to the preceding
H2 tag. Search engines assign a higher portion of ranking and importance to H tag
"Headlines" compared to text content in paragraphs.  

Alt Attribute for Graphics :

<img src="" alt="web design
services header" /> (The alt= text is "web design services header" and this is the banner
logo, or header, at the top of each of my pages)
The ALT text describes graphics which search engines cannot view, yet the text IS
indexed by search engines and provides added keywords to help define each graphic
and the theme of your page.

Hyperlinks in Text Body :

Near the bottom of my home page is a link, or hyperlink, to "web design and graphic art
This link is to my blog, and while the word blog is not included in the hyperlink, it does
appear nearby.  The text in “on-page” links should include keywords.  The description
"web design and graphic art advice" adds value because key words describe what my
blog features, and not just the fact that it is a blog.
Saturday, 26 October 2013
SEO Exploring Different Search Engines.

SEO Exploring Different Search Engines.

Exploring Didderent Search Engines:

There are many types of search engines in the inter net,some of which share the same algorithm and techniques and other which have unique algorithms.In order to determine the search engines you need to target in your SEO Plan,you have to understand how each search engine works and the potential traffic that you receive from it.The major search engines includes Google,Yahoo.and Bing.While Google is the most targeted engine in SEO,Other search engines can  provide traffic that can even affect website Google Rank in an indirect way.


There is no doubt that Google ( is the largest search engine,and its page rank algorithm formed the basic rules for early know search engines optimization.It was the first Rank indexed pages based on multiple factors and displays these indexed pages based on their Google ranking.Google has an enormous number of servers located in countries worldwide,and having your website indexed by Google can help your website receive a lot of organic traffic ,that said many SEO techniques targeted putting websites at the top of Google rankings so they will appears at the top most search position in search results page,which known as Search Engine Results page(SERP).
SEO Understanding the Search page layout

SEO Understanding the Search page layout

Understanding the search page layout:

Most of the search engine have similer layout on desktop and laptop.At the top of the page is the query box, where you submit or modify your search terms,At the bottom of page is the result information that displays results information that displays the number of  results.

Use the search field Query Field:
  1. Type   in your web browser and press enter
  2. lick in the search field.
  3. Start typing a search term for example Adobe Photoshop
The Google home page switches to search results page.
  1. Continue typing your search term.
  2. click Google search your search your search result will appears on screen.

View Vertical search results:

  1.  Type a search term in google search for example pablo picasso.
  2. click google search. the search results appears.
  3. Click images on the menu bar to display a related image search.

Thursday, 24 October 2013
Building An SEO Friendly Website

Building An SEO Friendly Website

Website Design Structure:

One of the important things to consider is the website design.the clean design with optimized images can load fast and search engine can crawl it faster than a website with larger-sized images,which take a long time to load.Also , a flexible design that can be modified easily allows you to customize you website based on the SEO Recommendations.

Website Navigation:

Navigation is very important to search engines, and website pages should be linked to each other so users can easily reach any page on a website from the other pages on the site .A Web page that does not allow you to navigate to other pages on the website is called link, and dead links are bad practice in the SEO industry.The best way to unify Your website pages is to create a menu that is located on each web page that visitors can use to link to other pages within the website.
Plan for an Optimized Website

Plan for an Optimized Website

 You Considered your SEO methods even before you start to build you website,because optimization affects every part of your website,including its design,development,function,and structure.If you don not take the method for optimizing website content and files,know as On-page SEO,into consideration early on,it may br difficult to optimize your website in the future because many of the On-Page SEO Relates to the Website infrastructure itself.

User-Friendly Functions:


It sound strange to talk about usability as them is more related to design side of the site developing,but actually it is very important because one visitors locate what they need on website,they remain on the website for longer time.If users are satisfied with the website,they will safe it as favorite and return to it again and again.If they find your website hard to use and they cannot find information easily,you will never be able to keep them on the site even if you use every possible SEO tactic.

URL Structure:

When you build or design a website you should name your HTML files so it is easy for the search engine optimization to identify the keywords and the files categories. fro example,if you have a page that talks about photography basics tips,you cam name the HTML files basic -photography-tips.HTML,and visitors can Reach it through This can help search engine index the web page and display it for users when they type photography tips in search field.

Monday, 21 October 2013
Preparing Your Website For SEO

Preparing Your Website For SEO

Consider a product Website placement:

E-commerce websites abs websites selling specific products are focused sites that require a special considration with optimization.You need to focus all your SEO tactics to help the website appear at the top of search engine results when a user types specific product name or related words in the search field.

Establish Your Website Content:

Website content varies according to the purpose of the site and its business target.For example,content on E-commerce websites focused on product information reviews and image previews for the product.Tutorials and training Websites include articles,images and videos websites such as you tube focused primary on video content.

Generate Revenue:

There are many ways to generate revenues from your website.One is to sell a product or service to website visitors,which is considered e-commerce.If your website gets a good number of visitors,you can also turn traffic in to revenue by including advertisement with your content deciding how to get revenue from your website depends on multiple factors; for example, you need to consider how advertisement will impact visitors' satisfaction with your website.
Sunday, 20 October 2013
Google Sniper SEO

Google Sniper SEO

Google Sniper SEO:
NOTE:You Can Also Buy E-book Of Google Sniper 2.0 + Blueprint Full Course.

Want to Buy Google Sniper 2.0 Blueprint + Manual E-book  Contact Us
Finding a profitable oppertunity (Market and keywords)

First of all, we will  be building our site arround , almost exclusively , a single keyword. we build siniper site like this because it gives our site a very narrow , but razor sharp focus . remember , we want to do least amount of off-page search engine optimization  (SEO) possible and the way to do  that is to be specific , very specific.

Chossing a keyword to "snipe" is arguably the most important part of the whole "google sniper" Google sniper process....... Choose a wrong keywords , and writ off the bat you,ve limited your profitablitily or worse yet, Set yourselft up to make no money at all.

Now , its doest not matter what market or niche the keyword is in because with the couple of hours research you can right about just about anything. I've got  a acne site for  example, despite (fortunitly) never suffring from acne myself.

No, what does matter is that its's a good keyword.

Good isn't a very description word, I know... i could've said profitable, but any keyword can be profitable.we want one thing that brings HIGH profits  through a high volume of targeted ready to buy visitis.


Saturday, 19 October 2013
Turning your need in Search Query

Turning your need in Search Query

Turning your need into a search query:
When you do a search you need to submit you request or search query ,as a word or group of a keyword know as search string.the search engine use these keywords to determine the result that best match your query and display them in the search result page .In the SEO process you focus on commonly used keywords then creating your on-page and off-page Optimization plan.

Enter a Search query into the search engine:

The user types a request for information or a service as a search query,and then submit it to the search engine using the form that appears at the top of the search engine webpage . In this step , the user chose between commonly and search engine. Most users use Google as their primary search search engine Because it load easily , provide accurate results,and uses Sophisticated method to display the result that match the search query keyword.
Thursday, 17 October 2013
Understanding how peoples Use search:

Understanding how peoples Use search:

Many users depends on search engines, especially Google to find what they are looking for .When they do specific search,they follow general tips beginning with the need to know information or about a service and ending with clicking the results.while have users complete last step in the ultimate goal,it is important to understand how humans behave on the search pages.This knowledge helps you figure out what users search for and how they  they search for it,and tailor you SEO process appropriately.

Search for information:

You can go to many places to search for information,such as search engines,the Yellow pages,and newspapers.the statics show that many peoples go to search engines to fine information compared with other methods.this fact indicates the increasing importance for tragetting search engines and optimization websites for it.Actually,many websites business have already started to focus on search engine to improve their websites' traffic and rank.

Using Most Common Search engine:

Search engine use various methods and algorithms to index web content and display it in the search results pages.This is one of the the reasons users prefer a specific search engine.According to comScore,the market shares for search engine in 2011 places Google at the top of search engines with more than 65% of the market share, and yahoo is in second position with 15%.

Begin your search:

Users usually go through common steps while searching for information on the web. The SEO process starts when the user needs to search for specific information; for example, a user can be searching for local services or business.When you do search on a search, engine, you usually provide a specific search query or a number of keywords,and the search engine provides results that you choose from obtain relative content.

Discover Search Engine Optimization

Discover Search Engine Optimization

How to Discover Search Engine Optimization:

The  Search engine optimization (SEO) process is an important part of your website business.many websites owners and webmasters wrongly believe that only the SEO process can do the magic and put their sites directly at the top of search results.However,the secrets behind successful website SEO lies in your computer websites management.Search engine optimization is much easier with high-quilty websites than lower quailty websites. Before i start talking about SEO techniques,however,you should consider the following tips for getting better SEO Results.

Target your user, not the search engine:


When a user has a good experience on your website,he or she will return to the website because of its useful content.The number of returning visitors indicates the ration of repeat visitors compared to new visitor even if you see good SEO.If the website content is poor the result can be very disappointing; visitor who come to your website VIA search engine will not return again,which result is useless SEO efforts.

Assign time dedication:

Optimizing  your website is a long-term and on going process which takes a great deal of time and effort to see a significant impact on your website.Many websites owners failed to achieve their SEO Goals.Because their seek fast result . However, before you start to learn about seo techniques remember that it takes time for search engine crawlers to index your website content , which may takes weeks.

 Practice, Practice ,Practice: 

 The Final tip to keep in mind when you are learning about SEO is that most of the method covered in these posts call for practice and analyzing the results.For example ,some techniques are more suitable for specific websites or audience then other.So, you need to practice these SEO techniques apply them to your website analyze the result and  determine which ones help increase your website traffic and rank.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013
Consider SEO Techniques

Consider SEO Techniques

Search Engine traffic is one of the greatest factor for success of your website, because we can turn this traffic into potential clients or website followers. SEO process includes a number of techniques that you need to apply in parallel to move you website to the top of the search engine and drive traffic to your website.

Search Engine optimization (SEO) techniques includes different On-Sites and Off-sites strategies , which are now as On-page and Of-Page Optimization Method.Each type of Method is very important and required to achieve successful SEO.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013
SEO Chapter # 1 Lecture # 4

SEO Chapter # 1 Lecture # 4

Compete Using SEO:

With the ever increasing amount of content on the web ,ganing visibility has become very compettive and it is harder to reach the top of the search engines pages and be easily identified by search engine users.Thus, this heavy compettion makes optimizing your web content for search engine a necessary process to ensure good indexing and the high ranking.SEO is an essential step after building a website ,as important as the web site design and development.

Explore SEO resourses:
  You can find many articles and resources on the web that cover the search engine optimization process.However, these articles alone will not give you full understanding of SEO process.While the articles provides tips and points of view, its is a good idea to sue a structured guide such as this book along with hands-on  practice and experience.This submission will help you gain a better understanding of the process and learn how to apply different aspects to reach your search engine optimization goals.

Back to Lecture # 3                    Continue to Lecture #5

SEO Chapter # 1 Lecture # 3

SEO Chapter # 1 Lecture # 3

Look  at the Google and SEO relationship:

With the launch of the Google search Engine,the SEO process became more was developed to ensure better and more accurate indexing as well as identifying the misuse of search engine optimization statics such as keywords stuffing , which refer including irrlative keyword in a webpage to mislead, to search engine crawlers.The Google started to refine the search technology by adding more factors for indexing and ranking websites for example Off -page Optimization factors includes external links to website,and On-page Optimization factors pertain to the website structure and content.

Apply SEO to a website:

The correct and standard use of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) techniques, which is known as White Hat SEO,Help put your website link at the top of search results.Subsequently, this drives more traffic to your website and produce higher rankings.On other hand,misusing search Engine Optimization techniques may negatively impact the site's indexing and ban it from appearing in search engine results,which is Known as Black Hat SEO.

                        Back to lecture # 2                                          Continue to Lecture # 4 

Monday, 14 October 2013
SEO: Chapter# 1 Lecture# 2

SEO: Chapter# 1 Lecture# 2

Disover What SEO is:
Search Engine Optimization,SEO,is a process that you apply to a website to increase its rank and traffic from organic searches.the process target the free ,search where User use any of the existing search engines ,such as google,yahoo,and bingo,to the search for a product,service or information .It is different from a paid search,where the webmaster paid to appear at  a top of the search pages.
Exploring A Brief History Of SEO:


The process of optimizing web content first occured in 1990,when search engine begin indexing websites,content.It was much simpler then today ,where website owner submit their websites to search engine.The search engine started continue to use computer programe called web spider or crawlers to crawl a website pages and index them based on a sites niche and keywords.
Early SEO was as simple as adding meta tags,which are html codes that includes information about a website.Meta tags help search engine to determine how the website content will indexed using
data such as the sites's title ,discription,and keywords.

         Go back to Lecture # 1          Continue to Lecture#3


SEO: Chapter # 1  Lecture # 1

SEO: Chapter # 1 Lecture # 1

                       First Lecture On SEO
Understanding the SEO Process:

When you have a website or a blog,most of your visitors find you using a search engine.The search engine user types his keywords or questions and the search engines,display the result from the indexed webpages that are relevant to the user search.Optimizing your website for search Engine can help bring more traffic to your website and help it achieve better ranking in differtnt search engines.

Introducing Search Engine Optimization:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to method and techniques that you can apply to a

website to increase its traffic,rank,and visibility in a search engine results page .When you optimize your website, it has the greatest chance of appearing in the search engine top results, Which subsequently increases the traffic to your website.the optimization process
includes many  techniques and methods that are applied to the website itself or other sites that are related to the website content.Understanding SEO process requires learning about How the search process works, the search page layout , and the different search engine that you target in  the  process.
                                                        Continue To Lecture # 2
How i Can Increase my blogger traffic?

How i Can Increase my blogger traffic?

 How i can increase my blogger traffic:
                            Provide us the facility to create a free blog on the topic we interested and then also notify us that if your blog will show outstanding performence then we will pay you by CPA(Cost per Action)means that if your blogger traffic will increase,daily 1000+ users views your blog and 100-200 users comment on your blog of leave feed back then it will be considered outstanding traffic at the start of your blogger.

Now i will show you some tips and tricks by which you can increase your blogger traffic.Usually to increase the blogger traffic we first need SEO(Search Engien Optimization) by doing Seo on your blog means by creating backlinks,Bounus Points,Better Keywords Search,etc.

So, Now Follow these steps to increase your blogger or website traffic and ranking.

You Just Need To Learn The Concept Of SEO and i guarentee all of website/blogger will make auto money for u just have to update daily your website or blogger .

Now Am going to posting my first Lecture on Seo In Next Post Must Check Out By Clicking Here.

Note:SEO is a guarentee of you online bussiness.

Computer Ethics

Computer Ethics

What you should know about computer ethics?
Computer Ethics:
        The information and the age of humanity

The widespread use of Computer,information system and telecommunication system has created major concern on the invasion privacy of indvisual as  well as government and bussiness and organization,which lead to crime and fruads.Computer have made data both easir to obtain and easier to store. The increased ease of obtaining data tempts organization to collect and store more data then necessary.The controll to acess data become less when it becomes part of a huge database and its security becomes a problem.

If user ( induisuals as well as commerical and government aggencies)donot use computer data in a responsibal manner and if they use information store in the computer without the regard of other the more laws will be passed to restrict the use of computer and computer data.Such restrictions can be very detrimental to the free flow of information.Education is means of changing peoples attitude towards security.People must come to understand the unauthorized intrusion ,How ever innocent it may seem ,is a crim.They whould realise their responsibility for computer security.It is important for our society to educate our peoples at any early age about Ethical issues related to the use of computer in order to protect the free flow of information the we currently Enjoy

Ethics is concerned with the standard of moral conduct . Peoples who are unethical donot necessarily break the law.But they are angaged in activities that are damaging other and to society at large.Computer offer us a wide range of Exiting and innwativ application that can inprove our lives.At the same time they also introduced Ethical issues that have not been dealt with before.As a society ,we have to decide if we will use this new tools for the beeterment of mankind or for distructive perposes.

Note: Please Join this site otherwise,i sall not be able to contact you,recive any updates on any particular topic ,send you updates or free hacking E-books and promotions.If you have trouble with any topic simply contact us ,E-mail us,Leave Feedback or Comment Below the post. Thanks For reviewing this page. 

Note:You must read the terms and conditions ,disclamer and privacy policy before containing on to this website,and,for any illigle purpose i shall not be responsible .You can contact us to for any complaint or problem.
Sunday, 13 October 2013
I am a graphics designer and i want to earn online?

I am a graphics designer and i want to earn online?

Earning by Graphics Designing

So here i will teach you how you can earn by graphics designing
means by Designing Logos,websites banners,company adds,brucers,envlopes,etc

So Here the steps you have to follow.

You first have to go on this Website:
Note:You have to create a account as a worker not for post jobs.
Now creat your account on this website and verify you Email.
And as you will verify you E-mail you will see some post on Elance website that peoples are waiting to hier some one for their work .
Note:Here you are learning to earn by graphics designing so in searh bar of Elace search for graphics designing.  

Now as you search for graphics designing you will see that thousands and thousands of peoples want different requirment like some wants logos for their companies or some wants adds for their company or a banner for their website.

So click any of the deal and click the Hire Me button or send an E-mail to the client (his e-mail will be in detail on objective)/

So when he will recieve the notification of Hire Me button or he will see E-mail you sent He will talks with you more and if he like you he will elect you for his work and he will send you 50% of the payment in advance and 50% after the work completes.

How I Can Earn By My Facebook Account?

How I Can Earn By My Facebook Account?

              How I Can Earn By My Facebook Account?

First The Requirments  You Should Full are the folloowing:
1)you should have up to 1000+ Facebook Friends.
2)up to 100 followers.

  • Creat A Page about the topic u know more ideas like online bussines.

  • Creat A page on facebook with online buy and sell products name.

  • Now ask your friends and other peoples to post their products on your page so other peoples can like them and buy.

  • Now if someone buy  product from your page you will  rewarded upto 20% commision on per sale.

  1. Thats The Facebook Trick 
  • Trick No Two:
When Your page will reach 1000+ likes many companies will text you privately that we want our company add on your page and we will pay you per month.
so this is the best way on earning the money online using your own facebook account.
How I Can Earn Through Affiliates ?

How I Can Earn Through Affiliates ?

                       How I can earn through Affiliates?
Affiliates means that someone who post his product for sale now the work you have to do is to open the detail of product and open the site related to the product and at the end of the webpage you will see that their is a affiliate link provided by the owner.
Now click on the link and you will see a form related to send a message to owner now you have to type something in that message.
"Hello dear am professional web developer and SEO expert i have a site related to buy and sell products online now i can help you and you can give me commision on every sale of your product i will be waiting of your reply if you are interested"

Now The 2nd Option to Earn Money Through Affiliates:

  1. Go The This Site:
  3. And creat your account.
  • You will be notified to confer you account conferm it.
  • Now Click bank will provide you thousands of products which are on sale.
  • Now you click on that link and Copy The Hope link means Refferal link and share on your site.
  • Now as some one buy that product you will be rewarded 70% commision of per sale.

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